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Ever since the removal of Roblox tickets, the only "Roblox-wide" currency that remained is Robux. There are plenty of ways you can top up your stash of Robux in the game, and the easiest way is possibly by paying for it online using a credit card, Paypal, Rixty or even via mobile wallets like iTunes and Google Wallet.

However, unknown to most players, you can actually buy more Robux by buying Roblox game cards as well. It works in a way that's similar to buying a reload card for your mobile phone, but of course, the exchange value between real dollars and Robux is a lot higher.

These Robux cards come in 2 common values - $10 and $25, but you may encounter game cards that cost $40 or $50 at certain stores. With a $10 card, you can get enough Roblox Credit to buy up to 800 Robux for a non-Builders Club member and up to 1000 Robux for members; while the $25 card will add in enough Roblox Credit for you to buy 2000 Robux for a non-member and 2750 Robux for Builders Club members.

Wait a minute... what's a Builder's Club? Well, it's basically a premium membership where you can pay a monthly subscription fee to join. You can use your Roblox Credits to pay for the Club's monthly membership fee. If you're interested to learn more, you can read all about it on RobloxGo: Roblox Builders Club.

Roblox Card Values Many types of Roblox game cards.

Why should you buy a game card then? It's much more tedious than simply paying for Robux online, right? You're spot on, but you're also missing out on something important – Game cards don't only allow you to buy Robux; they also come with exclusive freebies too!

Depending on where you purchase your game cards, be it at Walmart, Gamestop, Toys R Us, Target or Best Buy, you can win some special wearables ranging from exclusive hats to special costumes and accessories. The list of freebies are refreshed every month, so you can be sure to grab a new exclusive item by buying a game card the next month!

Best yet, the packaging that the card comes in is collectable as well, so you might want to keep an eye out for new cards just so you can complete your personal collection. These game cards can be great birthday gifts too, especially if you know the birthday boy or girl in question loves playing Roblox.

Roblox Cards Deck $200-worth of Roblox game cards.

That said, Roblox game cards are only available for sale in certain countries, namely the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Players from these listed countries can easily look up to check if their local stores sell these game cards or not.

If you happen to spot these cards on sale anywhere else, you can be pretty certain that these cards aren't at all legit. Be sure to buy your Roblox game cards from reputable stores! This is very important because the store clerk will need to activate your game card first before you can use it. Simply having a game card wouldn't do!

Well, now that you've got your activated game cards, how can you redeem them? It's easy, really! Simply login your Roblox account, click the somewhat large, green "Redeem" button on the top, key in your game card's PIN accurately, and voila! You're done. You can redeem as many game cards as you like at one-go. Once you've redeemed your Credits, your free item will immediately be added to your account.

If you have any questions about payments or the game cards that are not covered in this article, you could always reach out to Roblox Support and ask them yourself.

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