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Make the most out of your gaming experience in Roblox by signing up for Roblox's premium membership, Roblox Builders Club! You'll not only get a free daily stipend of Robux as well as access to paid sections of the game, you'll also gain a ton of perks. Want to find out more? Well, let's go then!

The Builders Club comes in 3 types – Classic, Turbo and Outrageous. Each Club type will cost you differently. A Classic membership will cost $5.95 per month or $57.95 per year, while a Turbo membership will cost $11.95 monthly or $85.95 annually. The Outrageous account, on the other hand, will cost you $19.95 per month to maintain or if you opt for the annual subscription method, you'll need to pay $129.95 instead.

Of course, when it comes to which payment method or membership is the most worthwhile, I'd say it depends on how frequent you play Roblox. If you're a really huge fan of it and would like access to more features of the game, then the annual subscription is your best bet. Let's not forget that you'll get a one-time signing bonus of 100 Robux (R$) if this is your first membership purchase.

Once subscribed to any of these 3 types of memberships, you'll immediately get to enjoy the perks of being a member. This includes being able to create groups, use a virtual hat, access to the trade system where you can trade virtual items for Robux and vice versa, put bonus gear on your avatar, sell stuff for Robux, access to Builders Club beta features, and more.

The number of groups you can join will increase and all the annoying ads that you've tolerated thus far will be gone as well. Best yet, you'll also get to collect a free daily stipend of Robux of R$15, R$35 or R$60 depending on your level of membership.

Roblox Builders Club Plans Roblox Builders Club details.

For creators, the Builders Club is a crucial step to take especially if they aim to maximize the number of games or places they can create and publish or make active on Roblox. Do take note that only games that are published or made active can be played by others. The number of places or games that can be activated varies depending on the level of membership you have.

The Builders Club membership is renewed automatically once the renewal date is reached and the required cash will be deducted from your credit card, Paypal account etc. However, you could also use the Roblox Credits you get from redeeming Roblox game cards to pay for your membership.

However, if you would like to stop the auto-renewal process, you simply need to turn off the auto-renewal option (the “Cancel Membership Renewal” button, to be exact) BEFORE the renewal date. Don't worry – you'll still be able to retain your Builders Club privileges until your paid membership expires.

Still on the fence about splurging for a Builders Club membership? Well, we might be able to provide you with some words of advice, especially for players who are tight for cash. Being a member is only beneficial if you're a daily Roblox player and/or would like to create more places and games for other players to enjoy. But of course, if money isn't a problem and that you absolutely love playing Roblox, then why not treat yourself to a membership? You'll definitely be able to enjoy the game more as a result of being a Builders Club member.

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