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Added on April 10, 2017
City Life
Similar to most city and town games on Roblox, City Life is a fun social virtual world game where you can play out your role as a pet, a teen, a parent or a child. Depending on your role preference - you can switch roles at the spawn site, you can even transform your avatar to match your role. For instance, if you want to play as a pet, you could choose from the common household pets like dogs or cats, to the more unusual pets like turkey and sheep. You can also set your own role-playing name.
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Added on April 6, 2017
Egg Hunt 2017: The Lost Eggs
Oh no! The legendary FabergEgg has been stolen by the despicable Dr Deville d'Egg. He plans to use its infinite power to wreak utter havoc across all the realms in Eggverse and only you can help fix this wrong. It's up to you to collect all 40 Eggs that are spread across the lands just so you can locate the m mysterious Faberg Egg and foil Dr Deville's nefarious schemes. Do you have what it takes to succeed?
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Added on April 5, 2017
The 2017 Roblox Egg Hunt Game
Collect all 40 eggs in this year's exciting egg hunt game and stand a chance to find the legendary FabergEgg!

2017 roblox egg hunt preview

It's that time of the year again when the massive Roblox Egg Hunt commences!
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Added on March 23, 2017
How to Escape from Redwood Prison
With this guide, escaping from Redwood Prison won't be as difficult as it seems!

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Added on March 17, 2017
Unleash Your Creativity in Roblox’s Innovation Tycoon Event
Power up your imagination with these 3 specially hand-picked tycoon games for a chance to win exclusive event items! roblox innovation tycoon event
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Added on March 16, 2017
The 2016 Bloxy Awards
The results of the 2016 Bloxy Awards are out! Here's a summary of all the winners. The 2016 Bloxy Awards
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Added on February 7, 2017
Anime Cross by @theseikirin
Are you ready to rumble? Join in the ultimate all-out fight among the most powerful anime characters in Anime Cross!
Anime cross by theseikirin
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Added on January 17, 2017
Roblox vs Minecraft
While both Roblox and Minecraft are equally popular in their respective free-to-play and buy-to-play fields, this article will attempt to answer the age-old question of whether Minecraft is better than Roblox and vice versa.

Roblox Lego Characters

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Added on January 11, 2017
Roblox High School Holiday Event 2017
The elves are back in Roblox High School and they need your help! Complete their tasks daily to win some amazingly cool prizes. Roblox High School Holiday Event 2017
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Added on January 10, 2017
Murder Mystery 2 Christmas Event
Oh no! Santa doesn’t have enough gifts for everyone this year and he needs your help to save Christmas!
Murder Mystery 2 Christmas Event

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Added on January 8, 2017
Roblox Universe Event
Roblox universe event is an award winning event on Roblox, sponsored by the recent Star Wars Movie – Rogue One. In the event you travel through space and try to find rare treasures.
Roblox Universe Event - Star Wars Rogue One

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