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Zombie Rush

Developed by Beacon Studio
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Game Features

Game Genre - Horror
Created on December 7, 2013
Played 47,360,959 times.
Favored by 430,385 players.
Thumbs up by 136,065 players.
Thumbs down by 12,053 players.

Game Review

If you're looking for a pretty frantic "shoot ‘em up"-styled game, Zombie Rush is definitely a game you'll want to play. Aside from the tons of weapons you can unlock as you level up, you'll get to enjoy a fun zombie-shooting time with your fellow Robloxians as you work together to survive the seemingly endless waves of zombies.

Zombie Rush is not the only co-operative shooting game on Roblox, but we daresay it's among the most popular few. Riding on the wave of zombie-killing mania that has gripped the world due to the likes of TV shows like The Walking Dead and movies like World War Z and Train to Busan, Zombie Rush is the sort of game that can quench your murderous thirst against zombies.

Like most arcade-like "shoot ‘em ups", this game involves quite a lot of frantic shooting and running around, and shooting while running around... mostly in circles. There is some climbing involved as well as you try to outwit the hordes of zombies on your tail by jumping up some crates only to find that these zombies are relentless as hell and will jump with in pursuit of you and your tasty brain. It's not at all a realistic game either since you can actually shoot backwards as your character is facing and running in the other direction.

However, the game feels challenging enough to warrant working together and helping your fellow survivors instead of going all lone wolf on your own. After all, you'll never know when you might find yourself in a tight spot and would be happy to have a couple of extra firearms shooting at the zombie horde behind you.

Naturally, being a wave-based survival game, you'll earn experience points depending on how many zombies as well as which types of zombies you've killed. Zombies that are much larger or tougher (or both!) will give you more points when killed. The same goes for players who are playing as zombies themselves.

Wait... hold up - did you just say players can play as zombies?

Yes, that's completely right! If you happened to be killed early in the game, you could decide to hang about aimlessly at the lobby or you could get back into the game as a zombie with a vengeance. Player zombies appear quite different from the normal or even the supersized AI zombies since they could wield weapons and be a lot more cunning rather than just trailing behind the survivor.

For instance, you can hide behind corners, cut a survivor off mid-way, or wait for the survivors at the other side of the tunnel that they have inadvertently trapped themselves in. You could also purchase other zombie types to play as whereby each type have a different special perk and is generally much stronger than the common zombie.

Now, leveling up is a pretty big deal in Zombie Rush mainly because this may mean that you have unlocked a new weapon to use. The game provides a wide range of zombie-killing implements, ranging from the low-tech guns and melee weapons, to laser blasters and more! Looking for ways to bolster your "1337" zombie-slaying skills? Well, you could buy game passes using Robux which will grant your character unique power-ups like having a free respawn (with full health) at every new wave, access to special, super OP guns, wave relief and even doubling the experience points you gain per game.

Zombie Rush isn't exactly a new game, but it has been around for so long in Roblox's ever growing catalogue of games for good reasons. The game is thrillingly fun, has a wide variety of weapons of mass zombie destruction, and there's a certain charm to having to work together with your fellow players to survive waves after waves of zombies.

Overall, it's a just great game to just get rid of all that penned-up rage you have against the zombie horde before getting back to whatever mundane task you needed to do in the zombie-less real life. Be sure to give it a try!

Official Description

Fight off wave after wave of zombies and unlock new weapons as you progress through levels, or play as a zombie to finish off the remaining survivors! Aim for the head to make quick work of zombies!

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Changelog - 11/4/2016:
-Bug fixes

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