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Games in general have had plenty of bad press when it comes to education. They are the dreaded "distraction" or worst, "addiction", which will cause a student to get bad grades and ruin one's bright future. However, in recent years, more people are starting to realize the benefits of gaming. Depending on which genres you play, you may have better reflexes and reaction time, or are more strategically decisive than the average non-gamer.

Since Roblox is a game (well, obviously), it is not surprising that Roblox itself offers quite a ton of educational value to its players too. Among the skills that the game can impart, the most important of them all is amusingly... game development.

Roblox offers a platform for players regardless of their age to gain a pretty in-depth and well-rounded introduction to game development. This "introduction" includes skills like level design, game monetization, scripting, and more since players basically get to use various assets in Roblox to build their very own game. Once done, they could then publish their game for every member of the Roblox community to play. From there, they can acquire feedback and grow as an independent game developer.

Not to mention, the game also provides tutorials and guides to teach amateur game designers about the nuances of game development, holding their hand every step of the way. The Roblox community is incredibly helpful too when it comes to helping the newbies with any questions they may have.

Considering that Roblox is played by mainly kids, tweens and teens, this is a great way to generate an interest in programming and game design (the STEM fields) in the younger generation. In fact, many renowned young game devs on Roblox ended up furthering their studies in Game Design or any other game/IT-related courses at university or college.

Roblox Educational Values - Lando's Apartment in Roblox Lando's Apartment in Roblox

However, if you don't really like creating games on Roblox, you could use the game as a platform for you to simply unleash any penned-up creativity that you may have. After all, Roblox is a sandbox game where you can create just about anything you like, be it a massive castle in the sky, the ultimate theme park, a magnificent mansion, or even a city built into a mountain.

Although the number of "mega projects" creators are a lot fewer in Roblox than in say... Minecraft, the masterpieces they have built from the ground up are as equally impressive. If you need inspiration to channel your creative energies, you could always take a look at some of the best Roblox creations in the game to get some fresh ideas.

Not the mega projects-type creator? Well, players who are more attuned to fashion and graphic design can also take the opportunity to design and sell various avatar outfits and items in Roblox instead. Like game designing, there's a learning curve that an interested player will need to go through, but once you've gotten into the groove, you'll find that there's money to be made in Roblox by simply showcasing and selling your creative works. With constructive feedback from the community, you can also further hone your designing skills and perhaps turn it into a career in the future.

Roblox doesn't only provide a platform for players to learn more visible skills like how to develop a game, design an avatar item or building virtual worlds from scratch. Like a Zen master, it also teaches its players critical habits and behaviors that can be gained through perseverance. Rome wasn't built in a day, and so is every other amazing Roblox creations you might have been drooling over. By starting a fun project in Roblox and seeing it through, you'll be able to build up your self-discipline and self-motivation – the skills that will definitely come in handy in the real world.

Of course, if you take into account the many puzzle games in Roblox, where you can learn problem-solving skills, or the FPS games where you can sharpen your reflexes and reaction time, Roblox has pretty much turned itself into a gold mine of a game in which players can learn new skills as well as good habits and behavior in a fun and exciting way. So, the next time someone tells you off for playing Roblox, be sure to point out all of these educational values that Roblox can offer – that should shut them up for good!

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