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Theme Park Tycoon 2 [Beta]

Developed by Den_S

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Game Genre - Building
Created on January 2, 2012
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Game Review

Despite its apparently simple game premise where you are given a plot of land to create your ultimate theme park, Theme Park Tycoon 2 is a game that has a lot of depth in regard to planning out the structure of your park as well as all the other planning ahead that you'll need to do to maximize your profits.

Starting off with a tutorial which only covers the basics of the game, you'll soon find yourself holding the reins of your brand-new and rather shabby-looking (at the moment at least) theme park. However, once you have enough game cash on your hands, it's time for you to spruce things up!

Theme Park Tycoon 2 provides a wide range of fun rides, stalls, sceneries, and other items that you can place in your park. Being the main attractions, rides in this game are possibly the most amazing things you can find here. Rides are generally separated into various categories, including gentle and intense rides like the Gravitron and Ferris Wheel, or even water-based ones. All rides can't be just built willy-nilly though - they will each need an entrance along with a queue path that's connected to the main pathway and an exit that's reconnected back to the main pathway as well.

Most rides are pretty easy to build as long as you get the paths right, but there are some, like the roller coasters, which will require a whole lot more engineering skills than you'd come to expect from a Roblox game. It's amazingly educational, in some way, and once you managed to get your rollercoaster right (Here's a hint - make sure your tracks are connected back to the starting point), you'll also be able to just stand back and admire your handiwork!

However, if you think that's the best part... boy, you are soooo wrong! Unlike most tycoon games where you can only build and earn profits, Theme Park Tycoon 2 even allows you to actively participate in all the fun at the theme park - you can ride on any of the rides you built in the first-person perspective. It's almost like actually being at the theme park... though, I daresay if you play the game in virtual reality, you'll definitely get the maximum close-to-life experience! Rides built on your neighboring players' parks can also be ridden so you can try out their magnificent rollercoasters too!

Moreover, rides can be customized as well, but mainly the stuff you'll be changing is the color. For some rides, you can even unlock the advanced "ride operation" options and customize ride parameters, for example, the chain lift speed of your ride. However, to do so, you'll need to spend some Robux. Robux can also buy you other special items such as the Jukebox which will allow you to choose and add your own music, as well as to increase the height limit of your park so you can build upwards instead of outwards if you've already maxed out the amount of land you can buy using game cash.

Aside from rides, there are also transportation systems that you can design and build as well just so it's a lot easier for you and your park visitors to travel around your massive theme park. Similar to rollercoasters or any rides that require a track, a lot of planning may be required. There are huge amounts of decorations, both man-made and natural ones, that you can place to beautify your theme park too. You can even change the terrain by creating mountains, burrows, pools of water and more.

As a tycoon game, you'll also be expected to provide not only entertainment to your customers but also refreshments, nourishments and a place for them to go dispose of all those digested snacks and drinks. This is where the stalls come in. There are many types of food and beverage stalls that you can build, and you are actually allowed to modify the prices of your goods depending on the demand and feedback you get from your customers. This is the same case for your rides as well. You'll also need to strategically place enough restrooms for your little sims to go do their stuff, as well as enough rubbish bins - you'll need a lot - to lower the amount of trash the sims will throw on the ground. You'll then be able to focus more of your attention and time on building amazing convoluted rides rather than having to pick up trash after your customers.

Let's not forget about the social element of the game where you can simply run on over to your neighboring theme parks and enjoy riding on their rides. If you love their park, you can even send them a "Like".

The graphics and sound in Theme Park Tycoon 2 are almost always spot-on and, if you ask me - a not-so-frequent theme park visitor myself - are pretty authentic in the Roblox way. Personally, I just love how the chain-lift sounds when the rollercoaster is ascending as well as the sound of rushing wind as you descend - it's just sound so real! Of course, being able to ride these rides in first-person view is also the cherry on top of the cake!

All in all, Theme Park Tycoon 2 is possibly among the most exhilarating tycoon game there is. You not only get to build a theme park of your dreams; you will also get to enjoy almost every one of your rides as if you're actually there yourself! How amazing is that?

Official Description

In Theme Park Tycoon 2 you get your own plot of land to build your own theme park on, together with your friends! Construct a range of rides the way you want and design your own roller coasters to truly make your park your own! Select from hundreds of scenery pieces to decorate your park further!

Anything breaking down? Notify me by sending a message or DM to @DennisRBLX, preferably with screenshot of the window popping up when you press F9!

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