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Auto Rap Battles 2

Developed by Auto Rap Battles Community

Game Features

Game Genre - Fighting
Created on December 19, 2016
Played 396,859 times.
Favored by 5,262 players.
Thumbs up by 1,478 players.
Thumbs down by 216 players.

Official Description

***If there are any problems with the game, message Backache, Games_Page, or ActiveMiner***

@?????? ??????/?????????? There is a filter on the custom chat, custom guis, etc. PLEASE inspect the game before randomly putting the game under review. Hopefully we will have no more issues with this place and I can assure you that the ROBLOX filter is added to every single custom text GUI. :)

Auto Rap Battles 2 was moved into this group and players may lose their wins because of this. I am aware, but I cannot do much about it. Read the description of the group for more information on why this had to happen. Thank you!

Subscribe to ActiveMiner on Youtube! He will be posting videos on how to script soon
n how to script soon

- FilteringEnabled (Prevents exploits)
- More gamepasses
- New Underground Arena inspired by 8mile
- Better Gui Layouts
- Mobile compatible
- Banned all reported exploiters from Version 1
- Added MVP (More features coming soon)
- Voice host added
- Fixed rap filter
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