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(Kid FLASH!) Super Hero Tycoon!

Developed by firebreathingdragon6

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Game Genre - All
Created on June 18, 2016
Played 120,784,287 times.
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Game Review

If you have an insatiable liking for both superheroes and tycoon games, Super Hero Tycoon is just perfect for you! This game is sufficiently demanding and yet not too much to the point where the cost for factory or defense upgrades become just plain ridiculous.

Anyway, to start playing, you just need to find an available hero to set up a tycoon for and touch the entrance of the place to begin. There are 8 superheroes for you to play as at the moment, including crowd favorites like Spiderman, Superman and Iron Man. Once you're chosen a hero, you are ready to start building up your tycoon!

The game is pretty simple to grasp after maybe a few blunders here and there since the game doesn't exactly have a tutorial, but if you're struggling, there are some gameplay videos on YouTube that should help. However, basically, all you need to do to earn money is to make sure you have as many droppers running as you can. Focus on those first at least until you can afford your first few wall and door upgrades.

As opposed to merely upgrading your tycoon business and growing it, you'll actually need to spend some of your hard-earned cash on weapons and superhero costumes, which helps Super Hero Tycoon stand out from any other tycoon games on Roblox. To buy weapons, you'll first need to build a weapons room though, which will naturally cost you quite a bit. Different heroes will also have access to different weapons, so don't get too upset that you didn't get a gun if you're playing as the ninja turtle, Raphael.

Not to mention, these weapons are not merely there for cosmetic purposes. Instead, you may be called upon to defend your factory/shop against thieves and invaders who will be either after the weapons you've unlocked or the money you haven't collected from the money collector machine. In fact, if you happened to be well-armed, especially if you've already unlocked your superhero's super powers, then you might want to do some pillaging of your own too... because it's fun - That's why!

You could even take on what I'd like to call "contract killings" a.k.a. "Quests" where you have to kill a certain superhero (or everyone, depending on the quest you grab) to earn a huge lump sum of cash. These quests are admittedly more helpful if you're just starting out but once you have a ton of droppers running, a few thousands of cash would have become chump change for you.

If you want to speed things up and get a good head start, you might want to drop a couple of Robux to get more starting cash. You can also buy increased walking speed, which is helpful when trying to chase after or escape from an opponent, as well as unlimited cash that generally means you can start murdering other superheroes once you've purchased all the upgrades for your tycoon.

The graphics in Super Hero Tycoon is pretty nice since it serves its purpose in the game well enough and that some superhero costumes look rather awesome too. When it comes to sound though, it's really up for a debate. Unless you really like techno, the music can be a tad bit distracting. Thankfully, you are given the option to mute the music if you like it. You will still be able to hear the sound effects, so don't worry about having someone sneaking up on you.

In short, if you enjoy playing tycoon games and have a penchant for some superhero fighting, Super Hero Tycoon is definitely a game you'd want to try. So, play as your favorite superhero today! However, if you're looking for another tycoon game to play, you might want to check out our list of the Best Roblox Tycoon Games instead.

Official Description

Be Batman or be Superman or be a Spiderman or be the Hulk or be Kid Flash or be Kylo Ren or beStarFire or be Raven or be whoever you like its Super Hero Tycoon!

This is a game with super heroes And Villains!

Message me any Super hero and i might put it in the next update!

Want the latest updates? If you do buy a V.I.P Server their always up to date and guess what its only 10 robux!
Whats New?:Christmas SALE!
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