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Redwood Prison

Developed by RoyStanford
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Game Features

Game Genre - Fighting
Created on April 21, 2016
Played 87,118,347 times.
Favored by 272,025 players.
Thumbs up by 75,842 players.
Thumbs down by 16,247 players.

Game Review

Featuring a much larger prison complex, Redwood Prison is a rather fun role-playing game. Similar to Prison Life v2.0, the main objective of a prisoner is to escape Redwood Prison while the police should do their jobs and make sure the prisoners follow their prison schedule.

Naturally, the police will have access to a nice selection of guns in addition to their trusty service pistol as well as the usual taser and handcuffs to subdue any problematic prisoners. However, unlike Prison Life v2.0 where the police seem to be able to kill innocent prisoners with impunity, police officers who abused their power and killed innocents for 3 times in the game will be kicked from the server. This is a nice rule to have to ensure that all the trigger-happy police officers will be kept in check.

In Redwood Prison, the police will even get access to not only a patrol car, but also an amazing helicopter that you can actually fly around. These vehicles can be destroyed though, so be sure to keep an eye out for any prisoners who happen to bust into the police armory and get themselves some guns. Unlike in Prison Life v2.0, when police officers die, they do not drop their weapons for anyone to pick up. From what I can see, prisoners can't craft shivs either.

That said, if you play as a prisoner, there's a special character to talk to while you're in prison who will point you in the direction of a possible escape route. Unless the officers guarding the prison are not doing their jobs, you may find it quite hard, even with the tip, to make your escape, but if you do, you should make a bee-line for the nearby town. Once you've reached the place, you'll then lose your prisoner status and become a fugitive.

Although you're "home free", so to speak, police officers will sometimes patrol the town either using their helicopter or their patrol car, and being a fugitive, they are free to shoot to kill. So, you might want to stay out of sight. However, if you would like some revenge, fugitives can actually obtain guns and challenge the police to a shootout.

The game is also perfect for role-playing due to the array of animations that you can make your avatar perform in the game. There are animations for surrender (police who shot at prisoners or fugitives who surrendered will be penalized), kneel, cuffed and players could even fake death.

Nonetheless, the only drawback to this game's gameplay is that the game feels a lot more "wild" because I've often seen prisoners and fugitives running havoc within and outside the Redwood Prison. There are even shootouts between the fugitives and the police, for example, as the fugitives are presumably trying to break the other prisoners out from the prison. Due to this, the prison itself feels a lot less secure. Maybe it's because of the larger size of the prison... who knows?

If you enjoy playing this game, you can show your support and get something special on the side for yourself by buying special outfit sets (police only) such as SWAT, Spec Ops and Pilot. If you get the pilot outfit, you can even fly a special military helicopter which is much larger in size and is more durable to damage.

All in all, breaking out of Redwood Prison seems easier than in Prison Life v2.0, but if it comes to having shootouts with the police (or the fugitives, depending on which side you're on), this game can be pretty entertaining. Do give it a try!

Official Description

Welcome to Redwood Correctional Facility.

New in servers Version 1.33:
- added helicopters!!
- added option to toggle outlines
- added option to go back to menu
- added pilot gamepass
- added sprinting

Give the game a thumbs up! It lets me know you guys want updates ;D
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