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Developed by teamkilled

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Game Genre - Town and City
Created on April 16, 2016
Played 56,561,978 times.
Favored by 347,990 players.
Thumbs up by 98,389 players.
Thumbs down by 7,391 players.

Game Review

Design your avatar's appearance to not only look gorgeous but also to fit the required theme in this fun fashion game on Roblox, Design It!

To play, each player is given around 5 minutes to come up with a look for their avatars based on the theme category for that round. There are many categories, ranging from futuristic and western to simply "purple". To ensure fairness, all players will have almost complete access to the entire catalogue of outfits, clothes and accessories in Roblox... and yes, that includes facial expressions, body types and skin color. In some way, if you have an in-depth knowledge of the sort of items that Roblox has in its item shop along with a great sense of fashion, then you'll have a very nice advantage in this game.

Now, customizing your avatar is also very easy. All you need to do is to search through the catalogue for the items you want and just click to add to your avatar. To remove an item, just click on the equipped item and it will be dropped back into the catalogue. Even if you've submitted your design, you can still edit it if there's still time left on the timer.

Considering that you'll be placed in the lobby with the other contestants after submitting your design, it is a good time for you to take a look at other people's designs and modify yours accordingly. So, a quick tip - don't wait until the very last minute to submit your design. Finish your design as early as you can and then edit yours so that it'll look different from the other players' avatars. The lobby also houses a nice pool and a tile-disappearing puzzle game that you can play in.

Having free reign to design your avatar can be fun, but in Design It, there's a catch - players are given a fixed amount of budget to spend on their avatar's appearance. Players who have played the game for much longer will have bigger funds because every player, regardless of whether they win or lose, will get a nice $20 increase to their budget per round completed.

It's judgement time! Once the timer's up, every completed design will then be paraded on stage. Players can then vote - only once - for the design they like best... and before you try to vote for yourself, don't even bother. It won't work... and yes, admittedly, I've tried.

Instead, to potentially garner more votes, you can use the emote button to emote your avatar while it's on stage. Who knows? It may just sway a person's vote to your advantage. That said, only 3 winners (the first, second and third... obviously) will be selected, but the player in first place will win special game coins while the other winners will simply win an increased budget.

If you really want to get first place, there are many bonuses that you can buy using Robux. You can buy better emotes, more items (special hat packs), a budget multiplier bonus, as well as upgraded budgets. You can also pay to pick the next category the Fashion competition will set as its theme. However, the best stuff - the effects - can only be purchased using game coins.

All in all, Design It is a fun fashion competition game where players can show off their fabulous fashion sense. So, if fashion is your thing, you might want to check out Design It.

Official Description

12/9 - Surprise winter update! You can now use the new R15 avatar when designing!

Compete against your friends to create the best looking outfit using thousands of items found on the ROBLOX catalog, but make sure to stay under budget! As you play, your budget will increase allowing you to spend more on designing your character every round! (Available on desktop, tablets, and phones)
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