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Arcane Adventures Test Universe

Developed by VetexR

Game Features

Game Genre - Adventure
Created on January 15, 2016
Played 38,709 times.
Favored by 876 players.
Thumbs up by 380 players.
Thumbs down by 11 players.

Official Description

Where all the new updates are worked on before coming to the real game. Made public because why not.

- This costs Robux so that it's player count does not exceed that of the actual game.
- You can view updates as they happen via the Trello.
- Update log gets updated when the update is complete and ready to be shipped.
- Expect shutdowns very often, this is constantly being updated as it is the test place.
- Data here does not transfer to the actual game, you can make a new game and it will not affect your data on the real game.
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