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WINTER UPDATE | Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid

Developed by Tremity

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Game Genre - Town and City
Created on January 2, 2016
Played 98,123,130 times.
Favored by 287,250 players.
Thumbs up by 59,192 players.
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Game Review

Want a taste of parenthood? Well, what better way for you to learn the responsibility that comes with having a child or even a pet than by playing this fun role-playing game, Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid!

Once spawned in the game, you'll be immediately assigned a role to play, be it a parent, a teenager, a pet or a kid (which happens to include toddlers and babies). What you should do next, if you want to get into character, is by using the Morph Magic tool on your left and shapeshift your avatar to fit the role you play. For instance, if you play a kid, you can shrink your character to child-size or even into swaddled babies or crawling toddlers.

If you play a pet instead, you can choose from a larger variety of choices, ranging from the usual dogs and cats to more unique pets like sheep and turkeys. However, you should take note that once you morphed you can't change your avatar's "shape" again... unless you log out and log in again. Once the transformation's done (it's instantaneous), you can then head over to the adoption center right behind the spawning place, find a nice cot to jump into and wait for a parent to adopt you.

For parent-players, you might want to start off by adopting a kid, a pet or both. As long as a kid-player or a pet-player is willing to play along, you can adopt as many as you like. You should then get yourself a home. There are tons of houses to choose from, which each type of house having their own unique design. You could grab a vehicle – a car – to drive around to find a suitable home before claiming it. Be warned as well that once you claim a home, you can't change your choice.

There are also several places you can head to with your newly formed family in this game. You can send your kids to the daycare while you go around doing your business, such as trying on the huge range of cool outfits at the clothes shop – they are all free to use, by the way – or get a new hairdo and hair color. For the guys, they could hang out at the gym instead.

Of course, when it comes to family outings, there are a selection of places you can check out. You could take them to the fast food joint nearby or the playground. If you've got a teen in the family, you could have a family day out to the skateboard park, or better yet, a picnic by the beach. The beach also has diving boards and an awesome water slide that your "kids" will enjoy tremendously.

Let's not forget the paddling boat which you can use to take your virtual family for a nice cruise by the sea. Aside from boats, the game features vehicles like cars too. Cars are free to generate and use, and frankly, it's the best mode of transport you can get in the game.

If you enjoy playing the game, you could spend your Robux to buy a Boombox so you can play your favorite music, or special game passes such as the VIP game pass and the Cute Pets game pass which presumably will give you a free pet that's not played by a player and will follow you around. The VIP game pass, on the other hand, will grant you access to the only premium location in the game, a garage that's filled with cooler-looking sports cars.

Graphics-wise, the whole game is very well-designed. I particularly love the many home designs in the game. Each of these homes are very well-furnished too! However, the only odd thing about the game is that since most of the stuff in the game is free, the game cash you can earn by simply staying online seems to be a bit redundant.

So, be sure to check out Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid on Roblox today and have fun role-playing!

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** This game was temporarily Content Deleted and I have no idea why this happened. ROBLOX did not give me a warning, message, or mail regarding this issue and the game should be back up & running now **
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