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Game Features

Game Genre - Adventure
Created on October 16, 2015
Played 57,054,135 times.
Favored by 359,056 players.
Thumbs up by 123,942 players.
Thumbs down by 4,658 players.

Game Review

After a mere few minutes into Pokemon Brick Bronze, especially for avid fans of the series of Pokemon games, you'll quickly realize that you now know why this game was the "breakout" game in 2016 and totally deserves its Game of the Year award. So, where should I even begin?

For starters, like most Pokemon games on Roblox, Pokemon Brick Bronze features pokemon from all generations, with a total of over 700 pokemons you can collect on your Pokedex. This means that you'll get to choose from 21 different starter pokemons rather than the usual 3. Of course, if you have the Robux to spend, you could also buy the other starter Pokemons from the professor's assistant for 25 Robux apiece.

Pokemon Brick Bronze is played much like how you would play a usual Pokemon game. You'll walk around in the grass in hopes of encountering a new pokemon that you want to catch and battle gym leaders along with the members of the infamous Team Eclipse as you venture out to explore the beautiful world of Roria in your quest to "catch ‘em all".

There are other AI trainers to battle and gym leaders to defeat. Once you've earned your first gym badge, you can also battle other players in a 1-on-1 duel. You can even breed your pokemon and trade them with other players in the game.

In fact, if I am to be honest, Pokemon Brick Bronze has somehow managed to recreate the exciting "I'm about to set off on an epic adventure" atmosphere as well as the feel of an actual Pokemon game, but all of these are provided in glorious 3D, like the more recent Pokemon games, and is infused with the fun Roblox look.

Not to mention, the original soundtracks are pretty nice and the storyline of the game is also rather engaging. There's even a certain depth to the game as well, whereby there are mysteries and puzzles, some of which are found inside gyms, that you can attempt to solve; plenty of interesting NPCs to talk to, and don't forget to go door to door to chat up the people living in the place. Sometimes, you may be surprised with a gift!

Of course, let's not forget about the game's inherent multiplayer feature... something that all the usual Pokemon games don't have. Being an MMO of some sort, the virtual world in Pokemon Brick Bronze seems a whole lot livelier and fun. You can arrange to meet up with friends in the many towns and cities in the game and go pokemon hunting together, albeit in a virtual sense. Best yet, this game is completely free to play!

If you're a huge fan of Pokemon or even if you're not, Pokemon Brick Bronze is definitely a Roblox game that you must play. It's not only as addictively fun as the official version... perhaps even more so due to the multiplayer feature; it stays true to what makes the Pokemon franchise great despite having some differences that had allowed Pokemon Brick Bronze to stand on its own. To put it simply, it is possibly the best pokemon game on Roblox right now and you'll be missing out if you haven't drop by to even take a look.

Official Description

Check the games group shout for information about this years Christmas event.

The adventure currently leads up to just past the 4th gym. Note that you will not be able to trade or battle with other players UNTIL you beat the first gym.

Follow us for news on upcoming updates:
Twitter: @lando64000, @t_brad_m
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/brickbronze

Here are some of our other developers' twitter handles in case you'd like to follow them for update info as well:

Our_Hero - @BuildHero
Zombie7737 - @Zombie7737
Kmansong2 - @KyleAllenMusic

The game is mobile compatible, though it has been reported that some mobile devices may have issues teleporting to the Trade Resort and Battle Colosseum. This is a ROBLOX bug, and will eventually be patched.

Lots of hard work has gone into this.
We greatly appreciate your patience and support.
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