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Counter Blox: ROBLOX Offensive

Developed by ROLVe Community
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Game Features

Game Genre - FPS
Created on September 28, 2015
Played 11,216,259 times.
Favored by 105,573 players.
Thumbs up by 31,212 players.
Thumbs down by 6,580 players.

Game Review

If you have "action" running through your blood, then Counter-Blox: Roblox Offensive may turn out to be the just the game to play so you can get your fix!

As opposed to most shooter games on Roblox, Counter-Blox doesn't exactly have lobby since you can't change servers or rooms unless you restart the entire game. It doesn't have a matchmaking system either so you may end up in a server full of players with superior weapons or you may end up in a server with players of around your skill level.

Similar to Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), the game, Counter-Blox is based on, you will get to choose which side to play as - either Counter Terrorists or Terrorists. It's nice to note that despite not having a matchmaking system, the game does have a team-balancing system in place so that it's harder for players to all join a side, leaving the other team with only a few players who are getting completely decimated.

However, there's a flaw in the balancing system though. Good players, especially players who are friends and wanted to play together, can still stack to one side as long as they are patient enough to wait in queue. In some way, having all the "good" players with their cooler-looking weapons on one end and the Guests and new players on the other can make a match rather boring and, sometimes, blatantly unfair.

In spite of these flaws, Counter-Blox: Roblox Offensive is still a pretty fun game to play, mainly because it's so much like Counter Strike (CS) and yet, it's completely free to play. The game features many recreated maps that many CS players will instantly recognize. The game modes are all pretty familiar as well, ranging from the standard bomb defusal and elimination mode to the more unique hostage rescue.

Combat is rather enjoyable in an arcade-like way since there isn't any gun recoil effect. Not to mention, you can't scope or zoom in if you don't have a scope on your gun and that you can pick up another player's weapon simply by walking through it. Most of the controls are quite standard so even without a tutorial, you can get to grips with the basics.

Now, whenever you enter a game, you can and probably should buy the set of weapons you'll want to use since you start the game with only a pistol and a knife. You can access the in-game weapon shop simply by tapping "B" right when the game begins. There are many varieties of guns available, be it SMGs, rifles, knives or even shotguns. However, you can't really take your sweet time choosing your weapons since technically the game has begun and that you can be killed while browsing weapon shop. It would have been nice to have a short intermission period where players can buy the weapons they want prior to starting a round.

That said, the money you need to buy weapons can be earned by simply playing the game and getting kills. Unfortunately, the new weapons you've bought only lasts for a single round and are not permanent. Once a match ends, your total credit will be reset to zero too. This can be quite disappointing until you take into account that game cash can be pretty easily earned in this game.

Like most games, Counter-Blox: Roblox Offensive sells a nice selection of weapon creates containing awesome-looking - and as some may say, more overpowered - guns in exchange for some Robux. It's still unclear if these guns are actually better than the ones you buy using mere game cash, but if this is true, then you might want to think twice before going head-to-head with someone using a unique weapon.

All in all, Counter-Blox: Roblox Offensive is MMOFPS game that pretty much lives up to the game franchise it is based on. The gameplay is exhilarating and the wide weapon choices is a nice touch. However, fairness might be something this game has to work on, especially when it comes to letting players choose which side to play on.

Official Description

Press N to open the main menu
You can now buy cases with currency, instead of just robux.
That means you can also get cases for FREE!!
5 Funds for every game win! Enjoy everyone!

Nominated in 2016 BLOXY awards for, Game of the year, Best Team Multiplayer Game, and Best Maps.

This game is an attempted clone of Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Assets (except skins) (C) Valve
Skins in this game are custom made by community members of our group
Hold E to defuse the bomb.
Hold F to inspect weapons.
Hold LMB (left mouse click) to plant.
Press G to drop your weapons.
Press B once you spawn to buy weapons.
Press Y to open global/server chat.
Press U to open team chat.
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