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Developed by TypicalType
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Game Features

Game Genre - All
Created on July 31, 2015
Played 61,226,225 times.
Favored by 321,349 players.
Thumbs up by 94,029 players.
Thumbs down by 11,567 players.

Game Review

Epic Minigames is among the most popular games on Roblox that's designed around multiple fun little minigames that you'll surely can't get enough of! The game boasts of having 61 different minigames so far, and you can be certain that the developers have many more minigames to add in the future.

Out of the 61 minigames, I was lucky enough to experience at least 10 of these little minigames, including Pipeworks, Cake Delivery, Flintlock Fight, Laser Cutting, Rolling Race and more. Most of the time, these minigames will have only 1 winner, but sometimes, like in the case of the Blow Dryer Battle, Cake Delivery and Laser Cutting, multiple players can be declared as winners...as long as they survive

There are even plenty of team-based minigames as well, where both red and blue teams will fight to survive in Flintlock Fight, to chop down all the trees in Deforestation Dash, or to push a giant ball to the end of the puzzle before the other team in Rolling Race. Although the winning conditions for each minigame is very clearly shown, there are times when the minigame has no winners, such as the hilarious time when a single overhead sign smashed into all of us who are standing on top of a speeding train in Train Trouble.

Every win you get will earn you some points. In addition to helping you level up, these points can also be spent, much like cash, on the many pets, gears, effects, titles and other cool stuff in the game. You can buy these items at the stalls in the lobby or by pressing the green Shop button on the left part of your screen. Of course, there are some items and game passes that you can only buy using Robux too.

Each player is also given around 40 seconds "intermission time" in between rounds of minigames - the minigames are chosen i random. I'd recommend taking this time to explore the lobby in Epic Minigames. Aside from stalls, there's an underground mine, a camping ground, a pretty shallow lake with a slide, as well as some items for you to climb or hop around on.

Going for a toilet break? Well, don't leave your character and go AFK without setting the AFK option first. When activated, the AFK feature will stop your character from being automatically teleported into the next minigame once the intermission time is up.

The music in Epic Minigames can be a bit too rowdy though. Thankfully, you are given the option to turn it off if the music is bothering you. For the collectors at heart, there are also many badges that you can collect, but they usually require you to be at least level 50 before you can get them.

Epic Minigames is a great place for players to try to outdo each other through various fun minigames. With 61 minigames available (and counting), you can be certain that it'll take you hours of play time before you can experience them all!

Official Description

[59 minigames so far] [Recent updates: Christmas theme + new shop items, new minigame, 'Flintlock fight']

Follow me on Twitter @TypicalRBLX for the latest news and codes.

Enjoy a whole host of fun and unique minigames, leveling up and earning points each time you win.

Points can be spent on gears, pets, effects, and other cool stuff that will make your character more awesome.

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