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Catalog Heaven

Developed by Sky Studios

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Game Genre - All
Created on May 8, 2010
Played 88,936,883 times.
Favored by 627,433 players.
Thumbs up by 121,922 players.
Thumbs down by 14,417 players.

Game Review

Get ready for the ultimate, no-holds-barred, PvP arena brawl in this exciting game, Catalog Heaven! Customize your avatar and equip him or her with the best gear you can find before hopping into the arena and try to take out as many of your opponents as you can. Do you have what it takes to be the last man (person) standing?

In this game, you'll start off on a safe floating island/platform high above the current arena, where you can access the catalog by simply pressing the Catalog button at the middle top part of your screen. There's no time limit as to how much time you need to outfit yourself for the upcoming battle, so do take your time and go through the massive catalog of clothes, accessories, gear, hairstyles and more.

Ranging from a cape that allows you to fly around or a paintball gun that can shoot stuff that's behind you without needing you to turn around, the gear items available in Catalog Heaven are pretty impressive. However, do take note that you can only equip and bring along with you up to 10 gear items at a time into the arena, so you might want to test out some of the stuff you've got and find the best loadout for the battle ahead.

All of the items you can view in the catalog are also available in the official Roblox game store, so that's maybe why you may notice that almost all of the stuff feels familiar to you, especially if you like spending time browsing through the store. That said, unlike the store where you have to buy the item using Robux before you can wear or use it, you can wear or use anything you like from the catalog for FREE! How amazing is that?

Anyway, once you're ready to rumble, you just need to push the lever to remove the force field surrounding your floating island and hop right into the arena way down below.

Each match in Catalog Heaven lasts for a couple of minutes before a notice will pop up notifying you of a map change. There is a nice variety of arena maps in this game, including themed maps like Western, city, castle ancient temple and of course, the classic battleground, though they are usually selected in a seemingly random manner.

The arena itself is pretty well-designed, with tons of structures that you can usually climb up to reach a vantage spot. Sometimes, you may even encounter underground locations carved out of the arena map that may be a suitable place to prepare for an ambush. Even if you don't want to fight, there are many places and secret niches in the maps in this game that you can discover, and that can be a pretty fun thing to do.

Although you can access the Catalog from within the arena, you might not want to do so at the risk of being slaughtered. Thus, the game map usually has green-colored small raised platforms that you can step on to be teleported back to your safe floating island.

Catalog Heaven doesn't have a lot of premium options since most of the stuff you can use in the game are completely free. However, you can spend some Robux to gain access to a Save and Load feature where you can save the "loadout" of your character and load it the next time you play without having to go through all the hassle of finding and equipping the items one by one. You could also spend Robux to buy a special VIP T-shirt.

All in all, Catalog Heaven is a pretty entertaining game to play, especially if you love trying to whack other players with a variety of hilarious weapons. Of course, if you don't like combat, you could still use the game as a free wardrobe where you can try out a wide range of outfits, hairstyles, accessories, and more before deciding to actually buy it via the Roblox store.

Official Description

Try almost any item in the catalog for free! That means hats, gear, faces, packages, etc.

- Maps by Maelstronomer (w/ Agenttech, Brian78878, Mountaindo, Corinthianfolds), ScripterTony, duncan779, Shedletsky, and Merely
- "You got bloxxed" interface by Mazux
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