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Miner's Haven

Developed by berezaa Games™
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Game Features

Game Genre - Building
Created on June 12, 2015
Played 52,239,469 times.
Favored by 414,133 players.
Thumbs up by 196,686 players.
Thumbs down by 30,822 players.

Game Review

Dubbed as one of the best assembly line-type, sandbox/tycoon game, Miner's Haven is a great game for you to learn how to set up the most efficient and profitable ore production facility.

The game doesn't provide you with a tutorial to guide you, and hence, it might take a new player, especially one who has not played a Roblox tycoon game before, some time to figure out what they need to do and how to do it.

Basically though, all you need to do is to set up an assembly line to transport the ores produced from the Ore Droppers to the furnace where the ore blocks will be immediately converted into game cash. There are many different types of Ore Droppers in this game. They can be automated or remotely controlled, and each of them can produce only 1 type of ore. There is also a special type of Dropper that will require coal blocks (from Coal Droppers) to produce ore blocks of its own.

There are plenty of furnaces in Miner's Haven as well. Some furnaces are designed specifically for assembly lines while others are designed for you to place ore droppers around them instead. In addition to cash, furnaces will usually give you some research points per ore as well. These points are important as you'll need to accumulate enough of them you unlock a new machine for your mining haven. Most advanced furnaces will also give you a pretty sweet boost per ore it receives, so naturally, the better furnace you have, the more money you can earn!

Once you're familiar with the basic "ore dropper to furnace" set-up, you may then want to check out the many "upgrades" that you can then add to your assembly lines to boost the value of your ores so you can earn more within a shorter period of time. There are tons of Ore Upgraders that you can buy and build along your assembly lines to increase the value of any ore that passes through the Upgraders.

However, unlike most Droppers or Furnaces, most Upgraders have specific conditions when it comes to increasing the price of your ores. Some may have a limit on how many times it can boost the ore price, while others may only boost the value of every 10th ore that passed through it. Some Upgraders, on the other hand, will only increase the price of an ore if the ore price is lower than a certain amount, or that the Upgraders will set the ore on fire, giving you only a few seconds to cash in your "buffed-up" ore at a furnace before it burns into worthless ash. All of these different Upgraders, Droppers and Furnaces make for a pretty interesting logistics-based challenge where you'll need to constantly optimize your production set-up so you could maximize the value of your ores and subsequently increase your earnings.

Although I don't think you can attack other players' structures in this game, you are also given the option to build walls, gates, lights and some decorations on the free concrete platform you can build stuff on. Personally, having walls is kind of a disadvantage since you'll be walling off your surrounding view and you may miss a free box if it spawns outside of your ore factory.

In Miner's Haven, there are 3 types of boxes you may collect – regular, unreal and inferno. Once collected, you can then open them up to get a random freebie. Most of the stuff available in these boxes are exclusives. This means that you won't be able to buy most of the items you can get from boxes from the in-game shop. As mentioned, free boxes may sometimes spawn around your place, but if you want, you can also buy more boxes, including some premium boxes, using the game's currency, uC.

All in all, Miner's Haven is an amazingly fun sandbox/tycoon game that really pushes you to learn more about production line logistics and how you can optimize them just so you could build the best ore production factory and earn tons of cash!

Official Description

A sandbox-based strategy tycoon game where you make the rules.

Miner's Haven features hundreds of hours of gameplay, and all of your data saves automatically! Your base and all of your items will be waiting for you just like you left them every time you return!

Follow @berezaagames on twitter for update info & secret tips.

All default music in the game by Tobu. Check it out here: youtube.com/user/tobuofficial
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