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Escape The Subway Obby!! (READ DESC)

Developed by PlatinumFalls

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Game Genre - All
Created on December 23, 2014
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Game Review

Although this review is for the current Escape "Something" Obby game, the game itself is updated weekly with either a new game or a rerun of an old Obby game. However, all games in the Obby game series are generally escape-type games where players will need to go through challenging obstacles and solve puzzles to find a way to escape from a situation, which in this week's case, is multiple prisons.

In Escape the Prison Obby, your main objective is to escape from the prison you're held up in, but of course, as shown to us again and again in the TV show, Prison Break, breaking out of prison isn't as easy as it may seem. The game is basically separated into various stages and each stage will contain an obstacle course. The obstacle course mostly involves jumping from one safe spot to another, but there are times when you may be asked to walk a very narrow path while trying to avoid falling to your death or touching any of the dangerous stuff lining the path.

Some challenges can be even trickier since they require plenty of trial and error. For instance, there's a stage where you are asked to pick one out of the three paths leading to safety. Although all paths look the same, the "false" paths will disappear the instance you step onto them. There are also stages that can be very unforgiving. Sometimes, even if you could swear you have not touched the dangerous goo around your path, you will still die.

That said, the most important part of the whole game is to remember to step on the next marked plate to signal the end of the previous stage, save your current progress, and activate the next stage in the game. Saving your progress is crucial in this game since you can definitely expect a ton of deaths.

Have the obstacles in a stage stumped you completely? Well, you may want to consider buying some special powers from the in-game shop. There are many on offer, ranging from the usual "coil series" (speed coil, gravity coil and supercoil) to other equally helpful items and powers like the grapple hook, and invincibility. Of course, if you simply want a particularly troublesome stage to be over and done with, then you can simply use your Robux and buy the Skip Stage option.

Escape the Prison Obby is, overall, a very challenging and yet fun escape game and so is the other games within the Obby game series developed by PlatinumFalls. There will definitely be many outbursts of frustrations in the escape process, but once you made it through until the very end, you'll realize that all the challenges, particularly the tougher ones, have had made the entire experience more worthwhile.

Official Description

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NOTE: If you have purchased vip passes you will need to leave and re enter the game for them to appear in your inventory.

Hello, I am PlatinumFalls and i make new games every week. This game gets with older obbys from time to time as well. Also check out the store for cool items to help you!

Looks like we are back in the subway, Wait ZOMBIES? Lets get out of here. Make your way through the apocalyptic subway and get to somewhere safe. With 20 stages to beat can you make it out without becoming a zombie??
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