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Game Features

Game Genre - Comedy
Created on September 20, 2014
Played 57,619,146 times.
Favored by 475,954 players.
Thumbs up by 175,954 players.
Thumbs down by 25,188 players.

Game Review

Playing minigames on Roblox is fun, but if you want to fully enjoy the minigame experience, Ripull Minigames is the game you need!

Similar to most minigame-type games, Ripull Minigames features a really wide range of minigames, be it games where you need to hop around or games that require you to have quick reflexes and a good aim. Players in Ripull Minigames can enjoy games like the team-based dodgeball where the sole objective is to be the last team standing, or Laser Tag in which players with the most "stuns" will win. There are even games that focus more on the individual score each player obtains such as the Pumpkin Smasher minigame rather than the performance of the entire team.

Of course, for players who prefer something less virtually violent, there are games like Lava Dip where you have to quickly jump onto the correctly colored platform as indicated to avoid being dropped in the lava below, or Disappearing Platforms in which players will need to be both lucky and quick as they hop from one platform to the other all the while avoiding platforms that are crumbling away. At the very end of a minigame, a leaderboard will then pop out, showing you all the player scores as well as the coins they have earned.

The minigames in Ripull Minigames are fun and all, but every time you are dropped into a game, a pop-up will appear, showing you all the "minigame perks" that you can buy. Each minigame will have its own list of perks, ranging from higher moving speed to lower reload time, and admittedly, with these perks, a player does have a higher chance of winning the round... Not that it really matters much though.

Furthermore, the minigames you get to play in each round is not exactly randomly chosen. Instead, players are given 3 randomly chosen minigames to vote on. The game with the highest vote will naturally become the next game everyone will have to play. This is a pretty fair way for the players to choose the minigame they want to play.

That said, what truly makes Ripull Minigames stand out from the other similarly popular minigame-type games is the fact that you can watch the minigame that's currently going on even if you were eliminated from the round. You can still cheer on the remaining members of your team or watch how other players attempt to survive an increasingly difficult game.

If watching others play is not your thing, you can still have fun exploring the game's lobby and enjoy some of the fun stuff lying around, such as the trampoline and the balls-filled sandpit. There are also some shops around where you can spend the coins you've gained to buy items to hold, pets and other aesthetics.

However, not all items can be purchased using the game currency. At times, you may need to spend Robux (glowsticks, gamepases, spray paint, boombox and the like) or diamonds (hats). Diamonds are sort of the premium currency in Ripull Minigames. The only way to get more of them is by spending Robux. All of the items that can be bought using coins can also be purchased using diamonds.

The only odd thing here is the leveling system. Although you can level up in Ripull Minigames, it's quite unclear what the levels entail since most items can be used after you've paid for them. That said, if you want to level up faster, you can sign up to join Ripull's game group for a free 20% increase in the leveling rate.

Overall, Ripull Minigames is an incredibly addicting game which contains a slew of equally entertaining minigames. So, if you're up for some casual fun, Ripull Minigames is the game to play.

Official Description

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Play a series of over 40 minigames and earn Coin to buy pets, gear and hats and rank up on the leaderboards!

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