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Developed by iKingofAllKings

Game Features

Game Genre - Horror
Created on July 9, 2014
Played 13,325,319 times.
Favored by 113,737 players.
Thumbs up by 25,087 players.
Thumbs down by 9,117 players.

Official Description

-Fixed Issue With Spawning
Note: To Earn Coins & Survives, You Must Survive The Entire Round Without Dying OR Resetting.

It's the time of the year! JAWS is roaming the ocean hoping to get some fresh meat for dinner, with the people around you team up to defeat JAWS in this bloody race! Drive boats ranging from all types ; Hovercrafts, Patrol Boats, Jetski, and more! Use your weapons in your inventory to defeat The JAWS and make sure not to die in between rounds. In order to drive a boat click the "Create a boat" button and select the boat you wish to drive, from them its easily sailing! Good luck matey'

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