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Developed by Defaultio
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Game Features

Game Genre - Adventure
Created on July 31, 2009
Played 109,662,322 times.
Favored by 786,958 players.
Thumbs up by 377,099 players.
Thumbs down by 58,232 players.

Game Review

Welcome to Lumberland where your lifelong dream of being a lumberjack can be fulfilled! Well, jokes aside, Lumber Tycoon 2 is an incredibly made tycoon game in which your sole purpose is to chop down trees, process logs into planks, and cash them all in for better tools and equipment. Sounds like fun? Well, let's check it out!

To start, you'll first need to get an axe. Thankfully, the game stuffed a $20 bill (game cash) into your pocket as a welcome gift, so you could afford your very first, and unfortunately, very lousy, hatchet for a mere $12. Don't worry though – you can save up more money and buy better axes as you advance in this game.

I'd also like to point out that the game's item-purchasing system is very unique, though perhaps not so efficient. To buy an item, you actually need to browse through the boxes of goods in the store one by one, and tapping on the "E" on your keyboard to know the details and the price of the item. If an item caught your eye, you then need manually click and drag the box to the cashier's counter before talking to the cashier and finalizing the transaction.

The only bad thing about this system, despite being unique and all, is that you aren't able to check out more than 1 item at a time. Although the restock rate of the items is pretty fast, you may still need to wait awhile for the item to be restocked. That said, once you've paid, you can unbox the goods right then and there, but some items, such as the truck, sawmills or conveyor belt segments, can only be placed on a land that you've purchased.

Getting yourself a piece of land is pretty simple and it is not at all expensive. At a mere price of $100, you can get a small piece of land to set up your sawmill business. With some game cash, you can also expand your land to house more sawmills and tools. You could even construct a building there and turn your open-air sawmill into a factory-like wood production facility.

However, unlike tycoon games like Miner's Haven where everything's automated, there is no automaton in Lumber Tycoon 2. You are expected to manually saw the logs into smaller sizes so they can fit into your sawmill machine. Understandably, the better the machine is at processing larger pieces of logs, the more expensive it will be. You can also buy wires, buttons and pressure plates so you can set up your facility in such a way that it can be run remotely instead.

If you simply need to turn a quick buck or two, you could simply forgo the extra cash you can get from turning logs into planks and immediately cash in your logs by sending them, either manually or by truck, to the wood dropoff section right next to the hardware store. Different types of wood will sell at different rates, and of course, smaller pieces of wood will cost less than a larger one.

Being a "Lumber" tycoon, I particularly like the game's wood-chopping mechanics. In order to chop a piece of wood into 2, you'll need to find a strategic chopping spot and start swinging your axe at the same spot by clicking as quickly as you can. Try chopping at the areas where the branches diverged from each other, or as I call it, "the joints of the tree", so you can separate multiple branches with 1 clean chop. To maximize the amount of wood you get per tree you fell, you should also chop the tree at its lowest point – the part where the trunk goes into the soil and spread out to become roots.

As with any tool in Minecraft, the better the tool you use, the less chops you'll need to make. More lucrative trees will also require more axe-swings than usual. You may need to spend time shortening logs that are too heavy to carry to the dropoff or the sawmill too.

Since Lumberland is a pretty huge place, you will definitely need to get a truck as soon as you can, just so you can travel faster in addition to being able to transport more logs or wooden planks to the dropoff site. Your truck can be damaged though so be sure to drive safely.

Want to save your progress? Well, you can in Lumber Tycoon 2! However, there's a catch. Only items (except for unprocessed logs) that are on the land you buy are saved. This unfortunately also means that you'll need to drive your truck back to your place before you can log off. If not, truck will be gone and you'll need to respawn it for $8.

So, if you're a huge fan of tycoon games, Lumber Tycoon 2 is a pretty exceptional (by Roblox's standards) tycoon game that I'm pretty sure you'll love. The game offers soft music to accompany you as you chop your way to riches, creating a fun yet relaxing atmosphere in the game. Sounds like something you'd enjoy after a long day at school or work? Well, play Lumber Tycoon 2 now and experience the oddly serene life of a lumberjack.

Official Description

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Before you thumbs down, please send me a message and tell me what problems you were having that made you frustrated with the game.

There are lots of physics bugs in this game. Some of them I can try to fix, and some of them are out of my control. I am trying to distinguish between those. Please send me as detailed bug reports as you can when you do come across them.

Check the changelog to keep up with the most recent updates.
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