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Game Genre - Town and City
Created on May 4, 2013
Played 90,429,813 times.
Favored by 413,654 players.
Thumbs up by 139,832 players.
Thumbs down by 35,866 players.

Game Review

Have you ever wondered how would life be like in paradise? Well, Life in Paradise in Roblox might just be able to give you as glimpse of the good life!

Basically, the game itself is a social virtual world/ role-playing game where players can choose to play the role of a parent, a kid, a teen or a pet. You can even use the Morph Magic tool to change your avatar's appearance for free to fit your role. However, if you want to try everything out in the game, then you might want to grab the "parent" role instead. By being a parent, you'll be able to "buy" a home (well, you just need to walk through the doors and claim it), drive cars and buy alcoholic drinks at the floating bar.

Regardless of the role you play, all players in the game will earn game cash by simply staying online. The cash can then be spent at the floating bar or at the gear shop where you can get some cool stuff like the Tron-like hyperbikes, skateboards, invisicape, snow board and even a radio.

Some of these items, such as the invisicape and the radio, can also be purchased using Robux or you could simply use your Robux to buy more game cash. There are other Robux-exclusive items too, for example, Swegway (yes, it's a "Segway"), Speed Coil, pet game pass, Blue Speedster, and also a hand glider. You can also buy VIP or Mega VIP in Life in Paradise, which will grant you access to special, and much cooler vehicles.

Aside from useable items which you'll need to actually buy, you can get a wide variety of wearables, including various hairstyles, clothes and even wings, at the shop for free. All you need to do is to just pick the one you like the most!

Exploring the city in Life in Paradise is pretty fun as well, but when compared to MeepCity, this game does seem slightly smaller in size. Besides the shops and the many different types of homes, there's a school, a night club, a playground and a pool you can head to.

That said, if you love MeepCity but are looking a less crowded yet equally fun place to hang out with friends and role play, Life in Paradise is a great alternative. Drop by Life in Paradise now and check it out!

Official Description

???? ???? ????? ??? ???? ?.?.? ???????? ??-????! (red, green or blue) (it is a gui under player settings, make sure to join a new server after joining the group.) **FIXED IN NEW SERVERS**


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This is the all new Life in Paradise Summer Update. All of the old buildings that you guys loved are still here, with some new ones. They are moved around, with a beach added and many more cool things.

...Roleplay, make new friends, own a house, get a car, hang out in the club, and more in Life in Paradise! If you're a guest, you need to make an account to use the in-game chat!
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