Anime Cross by @theseikirin

Are you ready to rumble? Join in the ultimate all-out fight among the most powerful anime characters in Anime Cross!
Anime cross by theseikirin
When it comes to anime-themed games, no game in Roblox can beat what Anime Cross can offer. Developed by @theseikirin, or you might know him by his Roblox username, Ascentus, Anime Cross is an anime battleground where you can play as a powerful anime character of your choice and battle it out in an arena with other players.

There are many characters featured in Anime Cross. Starting the game with the default Naruto character, you'll eventually get to unlock other characters from a variety of popular anime series, ranging from Bleach and One Piece to Fairytale and One Punch Man. Granted that most anime available in the game contains 1 to 2 characters at most, the wide selection you have is still pretty astounding.

Anime cross by theseikirin

The characters you play as is crucial in Anime Cross because different characters will have different abilities and may require different playstyles. Each anime character will have up to 4 abilities that you can use to defeat your opponents, but be warned, you'll need to have enough stamina to use these abilities.

Abilities do make the combat aspect in Anime Cross a whole lot more interesting, but the only complaint most player may have is that these abilities have no tooltip whatsoever. So, if you're unfamiliar with the characters, you might need do some research or at least some trial and error to know what an ability does. Expect to get completely "steamrolled" for at least the first few couple of matches.

Being a combat-oriented game, Anime Cross offers a nice range of game modes as well, including Team Deathmatch, Free-for-all (FFA) and Juggernaut. Survive and get the most the kills within 3 minutes and you'll win the match. There are also many different types of arena maps that you can fight in, though most of them don't really offer a lot of obstacles that you can use to your advantage.

Best yet, the game provides the spectator view mode so you can easily "follow", in a disembodied sort of way, a good player around in the game as you learn from your "sensei".

Love the game? You can join the official fan group for Anime Cross, which is aptly named as Anime Cross, too. By simply joining the group, you'll get 2 times more coins per match you play, allowing you to unlock new characters much more easily. Need help with the game or spotted a bug? You can even discuss about your game issues or report a bug in the group.

If you want more, you could always follow the creator of the game on Twitter @theseikirin. Here, you'll get first-hand news and sometimes sneak peeks about any new and upcoming character that is coming to Anime Cross.

And as usual, don't forget to check out our list of the best Roblox anime games. You'll definitely find an anime game you'll enjoy!

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