The 2016 Bloxy Awards

The results of the 2016 Bloxy Awards are out! Here's a summary of all the winners. The 2016 Bloxy Awards
Aired live on, the 4th annual Bloxy Award ceremony held on the 28th of January 2016 was hosted by JParty and featured a slew of Roblox YouTubers and streamers, renowned players, and developers. This year's event has most definitely exceeded expectations – it was, as quoted, "by far the biggest Bloxy Awards ceremony ever". Here are some of the statistics released by Roblox relating to the event:

  • The Red Carpet event on Friday received 125K views from unique viewers.
  • The Bloxy Awards garnered 550K unique views in 48 hours and became Twitch's featured stream on the homepage, beating out PAX South's streams.
  • On Twitter, over 20K tweets used #BloxyAwards.
  • #BloxyAwards became a top trending Twitter hashtag for 2 consecutive days in the U.S. and U.K.

That said, as voted by over 200,000 Robloxians, here are the winners of various categories in the 4th Annual Bloxy Awards 2016:

Favorite Breakout Game: Pokémon Brick Bronze by Pokémon BrickBronze Version
Favorite Updated Game: Murder Mystery 2 by Nikilis
Hardest Roblox level: Flood Escape by Crazyblox
Best Single Player Game: Island Adventures Sponsored by Moana by Elite Builders of Robloxia
Best Team Based Multiplayer Game: Phantom Forces by StyLiS Studios
Best Free-For-All Multiplayer Game: Murder Mystery 2 by Nikilis
Game You've Spent the Most Hours Playing: Phantom Forces by StyLiS Studios
Best Art Direction in a Game: Design It! by teamkilled
Best Mobile Game: Work at a Pizza Place by Dued1
Favorite Showcase: Temple of Memories by Crykee
Favorite Map: Speed Run 4 by Vurse
Best Lobby: Roblox Deathrun by Team Deathrun
Best GUIs: Roblox High School by Cindering
Best YouTube Channel: dantdm
Best Comedic Roblox Video: Hide and Seek Extreme / YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS SPOT! By Corl
Best Action Roblox Video: Magnetic
Best Music Video: Roblox Bully Story
Best Fan Art: Rastamypasta
Best GIF: XShirt
Best Roblox Live Streamer: gamer chad
Best Original Music Score: Roblox High School by Cindering
Favorite Clothing Company: Fresh Era Clothing
Favorite Battle Group: f.e.a.r
Favorite Social Group: Roblox High School: Fan Club
Developer of the Year: TwentyTwoPilots
(Owner and primary developer of Ultimate Driving game series)
Builder of the Year: TwentyTwoPilots
Game of the Year: Pokemon Brick Bronze by Pokémon BrickBronze Version
Video of the Year: Pokemon Brick Bronze Trailer 2

Among the bright lights, the shiny trophies, and the resounding sound of applause, the biggest winner of the night is definitely the Favorite Breakout Game, and also, the Game of the Year (along with 2 other awards) - Pokemon Brick Bronze. The game is incredibly well-made. It contains all the features available in a standard Pokemon game, which include Pokemon trading and a multiplayer aspect, while applying a twist to the series, making itself unique and appealing to Roblox players.

The 2016 Bloxy Awards

Not to mention, the creator of the game, Lando, is very active in the game he created as well and he has even battled a few players from time to time. I also personally think that the game gained its meteoric rise to fame during the whole Pokemon Go craze which may have further reignited Robloxians' interest in Pokemon-related games.

Aside from the Bloxy Awards, the staff behind Roblox has also came up with a list of winners for the more technical aspects of Roblox... the Data and Innovation Awards!

Data Awards
Most Concurrents
  • PC: RoCitizens by Firebrand1 with 23,000 PC concurrents
  • Console: Lumber Tycoon 2 by Defaultio with 6,000 console concurrents
  • Mobile: Prison Life 2 by Aesthetical with 5,000 mobile concurrents
  • Tablet: Roblox High School by Cindering with 7,000 tablet concurrents
  • Overall: MeepCity by alexnewtron with 62,000 concurrents

Highest Average Playtime: Pilgrim Islands Reborn by Maelstronomer with an average playtime of 32+ minutes
Highest Rated: Pokemon Brick Bronze by Pokémon BrickBronze Version
Most VIP servers: Murder Mystery 2 by Nikilis
Most Returning: Notoriety by Brick_man
Most Visits

Innovation Awards
Community Excellence Award: Miner's Haven by berezaa Games™
Technical Achievement Award: MeepCity by alexnewtron
Best Use of Lighting and Rendering: VOLT by TeamVolt
AAA Game: Theme Park Tycoon 2 by Den_S
Excellence in Animation: POLYGUNS by Mailbox Games
Best Use of R15: Mount of the Gods by Wheatlies and DoogleFox
UI Design: Theme Park Tycoon 2 by Den_S
Mobile Design: Rollernauts by Numoji

Lastly, the event ended with a huge bang as Theme Park Tycoon 2 by Den_S took home the coveted Builderman Award of Excellence. Congratulations to all the winners and we'll be reporting on next year's annual Bloxy Awards on RobloxGo!

Watch the 4th Annual Bloxy Awards here:

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